about Us

As an established IT consultancy for the past 15 years, IT Compass provides high quality business solutions for small and medium organisations in all areas of industry ranging from Government funded organisations to a large supermarket chain.

Through working closely and in partnership, our customers have gained trust in our expertise to understand and support and enhance their systems infrastructure and provide solutions.

We have experienced and professional staff who have a long history in both business and technology and understand Microsoft, Cloud & Virtualisation and are committed to staying on top of all the latest trends, new technologies and network systems. Technology can positively transform an organization when applied and implemented correctly.

You can rely on IT Compass as your reliable outsourced IT management team. Our team can provide high quality and cost-effective products and services based on individual requirements. We are dedicated to providing the best service available in our industry and strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our customers are our first priority.

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